Sunday, September 4th, 2022 at 6 pm CET Addiction-free into the future

Sunday, 04th of September 2022
Start: 6 pm Central European Time
Lenght of the project: about 1 hour

Depending on the number of participants and the number of questions, the project duration may change.
Per Zoom-Cal

Come alive again and dive into the wonders of your vitality. As a vitality consultant according to Natara®, I can remind you how much you have given up your vitality through personal or global experiences. And this can now be solved. In every living being there is a ‚Divine Spark‘, and this ‚Divine Spark‘ may come back into your consciousness. Nourish yourself with love again and love will return to you in all facets of your life.

Conscious and unconscious addictions can be: Alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, control addiction, addiction to fear and tension, addiction of lack and loss, jealousy and loss, jealousy, death addiction, religions, television addiction, sex addiction, cell phone addiction, gambling addiction, anorexia, binge eating addiction, control over Food/weight/calories, sleep addiction, addiction to talk, to be the center of attention, to be silent, addiction to harmony and so much more.
Often one can be addicted to alcohol, medications, painkillers, sleep aids,
drugs, psychotropic drugs, nicotine, e-cigarette, sugar, e-numbers, cola, etc. This is the only time that people can still feel themselves.
A filling up of the loneliness has begun and this is filled with the addiction. If one could „dissolve“ one addiction then it would always came back as a different addiction, because the fulfillment of oneself is still missing.
Now, for the first time, there is the possibility of really freeing people from all addictions without a shift or the manifestation of being a former junkie or a dry alcoholic. New possibilities open up with this new methodology. In the reptilian brain via the retina, a reprogramming will be started that dissolves all dependency creators of these addictions and also the scars will be healed that have led to these addictions. Even if these scars have been inherited.
This new and unique methodology is being offered during this challenging time via Zoom in one-on-one sessions or group sessions. This is an incredible and liberating method to finally step out and completely free yourself of the control and limitation of addiction.
Often addictions already have their origin in previous generations and have been inherited. It can also happen that a generation has been left out and the addiction emerges in a later generation.
Likewise, with this treatment „memories on the cell level“ are erased, that is, where experiences of addictive behavior and their consequences are still stored in the body cells. Thus, liberation can take place at the level of „temptation“, which will enable you not to relapse again and again.

Following addictions will be liberated:

  • Smoothing and releasing the scars on the emotional body
  • Smoothing and releasing the scars on the mental body
  • Disintegration of all addictive beings from the system
  • Alcohol

Please have for the project a washable eyeliner pencil ready. You will need it to draw the formulas. Thank you.

The healing techniques used are not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. Participation is at your own responsibility.

There can always be last-minute changes to the schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

Please print the Waiver – The original source fill it out and send it scanned/photographed to ruth.daugherty(at) before the project begins.
Thank you very much!

Your investment for the 4 addiction resolutions: 444.00 euros
Your investment as a refresher of 4 the addiction resolution: 222.00 euros

Attention: Please make sure that you see a confirmation that it was sent when you submitt the registration. Otherwise the registration did not go through. Thank you.