Sunday, 24th of July 2022 at 5 pm CET The encounter with freedom

Sunday, 24th of July 2022
Start: 5 pm Central European Time
Lenght of the project: about 1 and half hours

Depending on the number of participants and the number of questions, the project duration may change.
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Deleting and dematerialization of the disc

I could start with “Once upon a time …”, but it is not a fairy tale, it’s the truth! Beings who want to enrich themselves through us, have among other things built into our bodies’ small receivers, through which they conduct messages into our brain, which then appear in our thoughts as our “own thoughts and experiences”, although we have never made them. This sounds very unbelievable, improbable, and impossible, I know, but since I have deleted this receiver through the activation of the light body, I know that it is the reality.

Now it is possible to erase and dematerialize the small “receiver” in the brain even without the activation of the light body, which every human being had implanted while it was growing its mother’s belly. We call it “the disc”.

With this you come into an absolute freedom, so that your thoughts, your actions, your entire communication now directly influence and direct your life and your body. Nobody else has access to it anymore, if you don’t allow it. However, you are now truly responsible for your life and give it direction in everything. The same applies to your body, which will get the chance to change much faster. Keep in mind that your thoughts do not evaluate, but only execute. Therefore, pay attention to what you think, how you act, and speak!

The project “The encounter with freedom” does not replace the activation of the light body processes.

Experience the freedom and learn to be free again, with every cell, with every thought, learn to be free again. And that also brings you this freedom of the disc. That brings you again this freedom of the disc and all these freedoms of manipulation.
Also, the priests and all the churches, the religions, all of them, of course, have this disc and had to execute the commands from the disc as well. And therefore it is so important and valuable that this freedom is available to you now. The disc, what is on there, or what is reflected there, is also a big sign of Alzheimer’s, or dementia. These discs are driving the cells crazy, that’s a big magnitude. These cells, the hormones, and the organs go crazy with this disc at some point, and then that also results in forgetfulness. And absolute indifferent, lifeless, only the body is present and has its vital functions, breathing, and the heart beats. Massive, through the discs simply only vital functions, are still kept alive, nothing else.
Just as it is written in the scripts Jesus revitalized the dead, which is also happening here, bringing the dead back to life by dematerializing the disc, exactly this technique brings the dead back to life. And that, of course, brings so much vastness and wisdom. Humans were only left with vital functions, with Alzheimer’s and depression, or dementia, and that’s why it’s so important that they come back to life.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not a sign of old age. Already children get dementia and Alzheimer’s in the children’s centers. There are already many children’s hospitals in Europe with patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore this fortitude is the legacy of Jesus. And also enjoy this freedom of thought, pure freedom of thought, nothing is there anymore except this love and this manifest of beauty, this refinement. Enjoy the freedom of thought, because life is not about forgetting, dematerializing of the disc to this forgetting and this destruction, but this is really about this disc freedom, this freedom of thought. And let yourself be free of this earthly manipulation, don’t be part of these manipulation games anymore, never be part of these levels any more. And the silence, just enjoys the silence, enjoy the happiness, and enjoy the laughter, and enjoy this fellowship.
And break free from the past, who murdered whom, who landed when, sometime there on the field, and there. Don’t always go into this whole frequency of who murdered whom when you meet, because that’s often the reality in spirituality, you have to have done something to each other in order to meet now. And so get out of that game and be part of the reality that, everything is good, everything is there. And don’t be in this constant addiction, in this constant search for this level, that must have been something bad. Why you’re meeting now, that must have been bad. That’s not what it’s all about, there these structures were constantly put on the discs, and this includes the structure of the sacrifices and these crusades.
Therefore, just be free and be alive, and really move into this perfection. Because it’s so beautiful when you experience freedom and don’t hold on to the past again and again, but really experience the new in this community. And don’t hold on to this past again and again.

And that you really meet each other and feel good, and let the community awaken in you because your cells are also the community. And the stomach doesn’t accuse the liver, you stabbed me in the last life, the stomach doesn’t accuse the liver of that either. For this reason, is such a level where people can just always be like this in this faith, in this creed, in this faith that Jesus was crucified and so. Be realistic in this great level of good, in this power, risen from the dead.

And this whole family grave system, just belonging, belonging with the sickness and with the death, with the aging, with this social aging, with this level. But really don’t be paralyzed. And be in that willingness to really manifest the good, manifest the best, and do not be part of that structure anymore that you have to have this appearance at 50, this appearance at 60, this appearance at 70. But it’s really this mirroring, so from the mother to the daughter, this aging, and from the father to the son. This reflection, how the mother ages with the daughter, passing the veil to the daughter, and the father passing the veil to the son, this aging.
And now, of course, when so many people are aging so quickly through this vaccination, it is of course even much faster, this process. But this structure, this mirroring, this constant mirroring from this level, how a body has to look at 60, 70, and so on, the children have to break free from this system. Really the children have to break free from this death frequency, break free from this tension, break free from this time. That’s not right, that you give death and time this chance to go into this structure of aging, into this structure of decay. That’s not possible on this planet, that’s just this reflection. If you are drawn to go along with this, with this death, or with this DNA of the family. But this is so important now that you are really manifesting much more immortality. You are stronger than this aging process, you are stronger than this manifest that your mother has given you as a woman, as a father to the boys, this is how you have to look at 50. This is how you have always been shown how it should be. And don’t let yourself be drawn into this reality anymore, that you don’t go into this structure anymore, at 50 my mother had her breast removed, so I have to have it removed at 50 too, five years later at the most. These repetitions are programs from the disc and in the DNA. So that you really don’t go into this strategy again of taking it all in this structure of the family DNA. That you are energetically completely cleared of it, that you say clearly: “I am no longer available for this, I am no longer ready for this”.
But it is so important that this also reaches your DNA. You’re not ready to die anymore, you’re not ready to continue to be in that dearth of energy anymore, just because everybody before you died, everybody before you, the mother and the grandma died of cancer. But these levels, that people always tune in, to this larger level of this family structure, that people just keep attuning to this level of “energy flows where attention goes.” And if 20 women had breast cancer, then, of course, that has to continue, or 20 men in the family had testicular cancer or prostate history, then, of course, it has to continue in that structure. And that’s why it’s so important to break through that, to prevent that, to change that. To regain this appreciation for yourselves, and to no longer carry this. You no longer carry this system of family secrets, or what has been repeated 20 times, you are no longer available.
Yes, this is where people can meet again without this fear, without all this tension. That people are peaceful again and dignified. And also in the families, this is not passed on. If you always see that as a child, how the grandpa looks, as a grandpa with 80 without hair, how the grandma looks, with curlers and so, that imprints itself, because that goes into your DNA, this reflection. If people then mirror themselves in this way, then the DNA is reflected back in the family DNA, and suddenly this DNA takes over because DNA communicates. Also especially in children the DNA, wants to absorb everything, and communicate.
And then if all the time they just have this fear of death, or this fear of aging or dying, this frequency of being old, then yes, it’s already programmed into the DNA to be old.

And pain and death, aging is not something very pleasant now. What you have programmed in your DNA is not something really pleasant, but simply connected with a lot of suffering and death.
And thus, this enters your DNA, because you had no protection through the blueprint, and with the whole system, this manipulates the structure of the future of the DNA.
It is crucial that cleared from your system, that it is cleared through the activation of the light body, with all these wonderful techniques. That you see yourself again, that you feel yourself again, that you feel young, eternally young. That you are no longer in this pattern, that you have to look this way with this age, or that you have to fulfill what you have picked up from this DNA, in this manifesto of always being in these families.
And that is why it is so important that you free yourselves because children already receive this kind of communication at a very young age. And that’s why it’s so wonderful that you get this opportunity because this aging is also controlled by the disc, this tension, this mirroring of aging is also located on the disc. And that you really don’t need this anymore. And the people, who are freed from the disk, also don’t need this anymore, these whole systems of this belonging. And therefore free yourselves from it, and don’t go into this repetition, repetition, repetition.
And you already know, they live from the repetition, all these entities. Also, the whole system, which is written there on the chart, always repetition, always repetition, always repetition, always, on all levels. That even the account balance is still the same, as the grandpa left, you still have the same account balance now. Repetition, that even the account balance is the same. Of what grandpa had and what people have when they leave, even the account balance is the same, not remained, but the memory, even the account balance is the same.
Therefore, it is so important that you wake up. That people don’t experience this anymore, this reflection of this structure, I have to be like that too, so that I belong. And you see, all these structures that feed this disc, what a magnitude. And so, you know, it’s really always this structure of repetition, they keep feeding and giving power to the disc. And that you are really free of this energy, the children and also the young people and the older people experience this constantly through the repetition on these discs.
And this whole aging frequency, that’s also on the disc. At 50 you have to look like this, at 60, 70 like this. That is not only DNA but everything is also programmed onto the disc. Yes, with the last oiling and so on, everything is also projected onto the disc. That at 80 you have a rollator, or at 90, or 70 the diapers, and this whole story. That has to come out of people again, this neediness, that people are no longer needy. That’s very important, that the freedom is there, because if the parents are not so conscious, then the children have the disc, then the young people have the disc. And they take advantage of that now also on this planet, these lords of darkness. And then they burn everything onto the disk that they have created in this family tree, on this picture.

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