Oronos® on the quantum field

The quantum field is the field in which your life energy is located and all your spiritual powers, and the quantum field is always fed with the highest divine energy. The quantum field never becomes empty. And in the quantum field is the blueprint of every living being. And in the quantum field is stored only divine energy and pure consciousness. No lack, no violation, only pure, light consciousness. The cosmos, the quantum field knows no lack. The quantum field knows fullness. The quantum field is abundance, Mother Earth is abundance.

The quantum field is beyond matter, beyond kilometers, far away from the earth. The quantum field can no longer be found in any dimensions. These dimension stories are only for your safety anyway. The fear of the unknown, the fear of the future. It is very important that you do not get entangled with the dimensions, but that you remain truly free.

The frequency of the quantum field is love, intelligent love, which is always directed towards growth. And we say it again, “All universes, all planets in the universes are connected to the quantum field, all of them!” And there are so many universes. And there are millions, billions of planets. This process of transformation among you on Earth is one of the most powerful that there has ever been on Mother Earth. That is why it is so important that you are connected to the divine being of the quantum field. Because transformation is the process of many walls coming down, many walls that you call walls coming down, and your inner boundaries, your inner walls coming down. This is in full bloom on Earth.

The quantum field is limitless, boundless, full of energy. And this energy is free energy. It is the intelligent love vibration, the intelligent love frequency. And it is immensely powerful, powerful this energy, because it is pure. Because it is not occupied with anything, it is not occupied with anything. It is beyond the mind, beyond. And that is the mastery, the divine intention, connected with this divine, to bring to the earth. And this energy cancels time. In this energy, the new field of life is created. In this energy, each breath is an eternity. And in this energy there is no thought. Silence, that is looking, that is movement, that is divine intention. This energy that Oronos brings into this space is beyond the measurable, cannot be measured. Measurement is mind, you can’t measure, you can’t.

There is nothing, nothing at all that the quantum field does not know about you. And Oronos is the quantum field. And the connection of the quantum field is the blueprint. Therefore, everything is there, everything is there. And the beginning of completion is love, the intelligent love vibration. The quantum field is full of intelligent love vibration. And from the intelligent love vibration, all the planets have been formed, all of them. The quantum field is the connection with all universes, with all trillions of planets. And because your soul also comes from the quantum field, you gain access to all universes, to all planets with your soul potential. And the connection to the energy of the quantum field is the blueprint.

The quantum field is beyond the mind. The divine source is the quantum field. And with this divine source, you all become connected through the blueprint.

Materializing and dematerializing also come about only through the quantum field and the blueprint. When a person can materialize, he is one with the quantum field and materializes the object from the blueprint of the person. That is materialization.

The quantum field is expansiveness, the quantum field is not narrowness, and we want you to expand, to expand your energy, to expand your action, and to expand your love.

The more people are reconnected to the quantum field, the more revelation comes, the more knowledge and wisdom comes. In the quantum field there is only the healing. In the quantum field there is only this love frequency, the quantum field is beyond freedom. The quantum field is always the love and the future. And this intelligent love vibration is also only the future and this moment.

The soul DNA comes directly from the quantum field, because your soul also comes from the quantum field. Animal beings and plant beings lack their own quantum field. The quantum field is always there to manifest the best possible for you when you are ready for it, when you really use this field. Because in the quantum field there is no pain. And when Oronos manifests the quantum field for you here in this room, then more and more the pains and the thoughts go. And you are free. This stillness, this stillness that we bring is beyond concepts, is beyond what is in the books. This stillness is simply this intelligent love vibration of the quantum field that makes everything wide. You no longer lack thoughts in this quantum field. Even the breath slows down. Like everything in this divine stillness in the quantum field.

There is this field of togetherness, like in this space of the quantum field, in this infinite vastness of the universes, where you are never alone in this field. So many light workers, so many gifted human beings still feel so alone on the planet, but your soul does not know this aloneness.

Mastery over your lives means that you live oneness with the quantum field. It also means teleportation is possible. And the higher we manifest the energy into this space, the more transparent you become and the more you will be able to travel to places with your body. This is also the mastery over life. And there are few who can already do this on Mother Earth, on your planet.

And all the other planets with all the other entities that live on the planet are also connected through the quantum field. Not only you humans, and everything that lives with you on Mother Earth, comes from the quantum field. All life on other planets and also in other universes all come from this consciousness. Only your activity and your life energy are long behind. There are few planets that produce such mischief with their thoughts as you do. And align your thoughts with the quantum consciousness, with the quantum field, then you can’t make any more mischief. And the more people align and connect with the quantum field, the freer it becomes on Earth. Because the divine quantum field is always looking to increase, not decrease. And for growth, not for you to drive the same engine for so many years. When you have access to the quantum field, through us, it is such a great responsibility for you human beings. If you have the blueprint laid out by the human beings from the quantum field via Oronos, it is a very strong transfer of power, which can also have to do with a great cleansing at first.