Healing session with the Lemuric Crystals

Holograms and memories are erased.

Lemuria was a peaceful and very powerful time of coexistence on this planet of creativity.

There was no illness and life was characterized by visions and a clear orientation towards the future.

In togetherness there was creation and manifestation of the best for the community.

Lemurians were great masters of healing and true aliveness.

This must now be anchored again on this planet of creativity. For this knowledge has never completely disappeared from this earth.

The initiates of this knowledge of Lemuria have anchored in themselves again the power of the Lemurian crystals. With this power of the Lemurian crystals, they are able, on the one hand, to reactivate the memory of Lemuria in people.

So important, especially in this time. So that people experience again the possibility to manifest a healthy and peaceful future.

Text: Maria Hofer

Two blue Dolphins watercolor illustration

Project contribution for healing session with the lemuric crystals

Holograms and memories are erased.

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